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secretsoftime's Journal

secrets community for brb_gallifrey
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Don't understand? Don't worry!

Once a week, there is a post at secretsoftime, full of secrets that people from brb_gallifrey made in regards to pretty much anything that has happened/is happening in this comm. Have a look if you like. There are secrets about what people do and don't like about the show, about what/who people ship, about RP shenanigans, silly little things that have happened during the week, who should be the next companion, who loves who, thankyous, love notes etc. Just remember that hate secrets will not be accepted. The Mods themselves have requested this. Also NSFW secrets won't be posted either but I will put a link in to a seperate page that has said secret. Please put a little notice thinger in the subject bar so as I know not to post your NSFW secret with everything else :)
If you've made a secret you want posted, upload it onto a website like tinypic.com, then post the Direct Link (so the code that has .jpg/.png/.gif/whatever at the end) in a submission post.

In said posting of secrets, members are then invited to reply. Once again, hating is not accepted. Keep those opinions to yourself please!
There are some great examples here, here and here.
brb_g RP characters are welcome to make and reply to secrets too :) If you have a character that you play at brb_gallifrey and they've a secret for someone, get them to pop a little notice in the subject bar of their secret so as the poster can tell it apart from the others.

The reason we do them in secret form is because
1) the person that made the secret wants to be annonymous for whatever reason and
2) mystery is always fun.

Anyone that's a member of brb_gallifrey is more than welcome to post a secret and reply to the secrets :D In fact, the more the better :D

If you've any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! You can PM a Mod, who you will find on the profile page.